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About us
Mission & Vision

Petrolcomet Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide complete engineering solutions and high quality services in the areas of Company Competence on the cutting edge of technologies applicable to modern oil & gas industries. With our achievements, we are contributing to the borderless world in which complex mission-critical development and engineering challenges could be solved. The Company continues to move forward and become the leading Engineering and Construction Company while delivering projects that consistently meet international standards and customers requirements.

Petrolcomet is in the business of ensuring absolute customers and stakeholder’s satisfaction by providing high quality, cost effective and reliable services delivered with a strong commitment to the safety and respect for the sustainable environment.

Petrolcomet Vision Statement:

Achieving excellence through continued improvement in all activities and departments of our organization.

To develop an effective management that stresses productivity, perpetual development of the organization, and instilling work ethics in all personnel.

Year after year, Petrolcomet Services Co. and its people will endeavor to provide our valued customers with cost effective and reliable solutions in project implementation with aim to be among leading engineering companys in Oil & Gas Industries.

We can proudly announce that Petrolcomet has earned the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, certified with DAS Certification Ltd. since 24th December 2013.
Works on this project started in August 2010 and up till now 50% is done. This includes cleaning the 144” pipe and mounting and testing 8” pipe which is connected to nozzles.
Petrolcomet's certificates and Letters of Recommendation from our partners.
Full information on Petrolcomet Services Co. Oil Engineering in one document.

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