All masonry works – building, place plastering, concrete works completed. Internal painting, floor painting, waterproofing layers on the roof finished. Excavation for new trench for the main cable up to substations and between substations is done.

On site are two transformer substations of 12,5Kv and 30Kv and between them is new oil pit for transformer. Substations are 35m2 each, built of concrete, reinforcement and bricks covered with plaster with new grounding system.

Excavation for trench and new main cable between terminal and tank farm and on terminal with placing the cable, back feeling and casting concrete for crossing roads is mainly finished.

30% of main power cable is laid, 30Kv feeder and 12,5Kv feeder are mounted, interconnections are planned to be finished during next month.
Change order terminal: 180m trench and laying 360m of cable and termination of all cables, planned to be finished by middle of December.