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About us

PETROLCOMET Services Co. Oil Engineering is a diversified group of engineering and oil services integrated sectors, offering both products and services to the Oil & Gas, Water, Petrochemical and other related industries.

Company was founded in 1992 and since it’s forming is striving toward excellence. Gradimir Dragic as President of the company is determent to enhance the growth of the business by implementing the latest technological advancements into engineering projects. His vision and goals have positioned PETROLCOMET Services Co. Oil Engineering as reliable and efficient company.

PETROLCOMET provides its clients, primarily Oil Operation Companies, with a wide range of services, from Technical Assistance to Engineering, Procurement & Construction – EPC Projects, including Operation & Maintenance Support for: a) Downstream projects - oil and gas operations after the production phase and through the point of sale, and b) Upstream projects - grass roots of oil business, upstream refers to the exploration and production of oil and gas.

PETROLCOMET Services Co. – Libyan Branch, is fully registered in Libya, with General People’s Committee for Planning, Economy and Commerce, under Reg. No. 2881/96, with permission to carry out oil engineering services and as well with National Oil Corporation under Reg. No 247.

We focus on the role of engineering and describe ourselves as a ‘think’ and ‘do’ company because we deal not only in ideas but in implementation, working with companies as they put new projects into practice. Every piece of work we do is grounded in the reality of engineering and tested against the prospects for its execution. We look at the "big picture"’, thinking strategically and holistically, working with people who are interested in development and corporate responsibility.

We create value with our partners by building a mutually reinforcing link between ideas and implementation – between theory and practice. In so doing, we achieve our purpose of pushing the boundaries of quality and efficiency.

We can proudly announce that Petrolcomet has earned the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, certified with DAS Certification Ltd. since 24th December 2013.
Works on this project started in August 2010 and up till now 50% is done. This includes cleaning the 144” pipe and mounting and testing 8” pipe which is connected to nozzles.
Petrolcomet's certificates and Letters of Recommendation from our partners.
Full information on Petrolcomet Services Co. Oil Engineering in one document.

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