Petrolcomet Services Oil Company

PETROLCOMET Services Co. Oil Engineering is a diversified group of engineering and oil services integrated sectors, offering both products and services to the Oil & Gas, Water, Petrochemical and other related industries.



With our experience we can meet all your requirements in areas of the construction, launch and maintenance of plants and related systems.


Highly trained and experienced engineers

We are able to mobilize and engage a highly trained and experienced engineers, technicians for all disciplines of work (process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation etc.) in Oil, Chemical and Petrochemical industry, and at any time engage our permanent excellent coordinated teams.


Multiple partners and clients

Our team has extensive experience acquired in numerous projects in Libya and several other countries.

About Our Company

Our company is organized and specialized in providing services in the following fields

Oil and Gas

Oil Fields, Crude Oil Transport Facilities and Refineries

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Power Generation and MV&LV Distribution Systems

Piping installations for
Oil & Gas

New Tanks construction for Oil & Gas Industry

Fire Detection, Protection and Safety Systems

Utilities and Industrial Automation

Our experiences

With experience and references in carrying following activities:

  • Detailed Design, Project Management and Engineering
  • Plants Construction including Follow-up and Supervision
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance
  • Integration of modern IT systems in industrial security and measurement systems
  • Plants Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Start up
  • Operation and Maintenance Services
  • Offshore Marine Services & Commercial Diving


Benghazi office, Tabalino

Benghazi office provides support to company’s management functions and has active role in project management and coordination of company activities.

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Belgrade office

Belgrade office plays a key role in Human Recourse Management and Logistics, Legal and Financial activities of the Petrolcomet group of companies.

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Ras Lanuf Office

Ras Lanuf is company’s base in Libya for strategic support of activities including design, procurement, information technologies and quality management system.

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Tripoli office

Within branch office Tripoli we are able to meet closely with the customers in Libyan Oil Companies HQ mostly Tripoli based, district managers of foreign and local associates in a more effective manner.

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We create value with our partners by building a mutually reinforcing link between ideas and implementation – between theory and practice. In so doing, we achieve our purpose of pushing the boundaries of quality and efficiency.


Petrolcomet's certificates and Letters of Recommendation from our partners.


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At the beginning of 2003 PETROLCOMET Co. Beograde established the additional activities in the field of Export-Import in the Balkan region market.