PETROLCOMET Services Co. Oil Engineering HSE Policy Outlines:

  • Protection of the environment;
  • Protection of personnel;
  • Protection of assets
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PETROLCOMET Services Co is looking forward to have an HSE performance to be proud of so as to earn the confidence of its clients and society at large and to achieve our goals we:

  • Set targets for improvement , measures and reports performance
  • Promote best practice in our services
  • Promote culture in which all employees share this commitment
  • Put HSE matter on the same level as any other critical business activity
  • Ensure that subcontractors are committed to its HSE policy

A good example of commitment to HSE issues should be set by all managers and senior staff and should show visible expressions for all employees. All work sites’ supervisors should place HSE matters high on personal and collective agenda and promote for positive culture at all levels by encouraging employees to feedback on HSE matters. We recognize that good management includes a strong moral and social commitment to all Health, Safety and Environmental matters and will ensure that our objectives have been achieved.

Risk is present in all human endeavors so in this HSE plan we address the identification of HSE hazards and evaluation of HSE risks, for our all activities, services, and development of measures to reduce these risks.

Activities and Tasks

To ensure that HSE objectives are met and that performance criteria and control limits are not breached a perfect implementation of HSE policy and a defined monitoring system are established regarding daily performance of work. In a good effective monitoring system we recognized procedures for both active and reactive monitoring because active monitoring provides information in the absence of any incident, ill-health or damage to the receiving environment meanwhile reactive monitoring provides information of incidents (including near-miss incidents, ill-health or environmental damage) that have occurred and provides insights into the means of preventing the similar incidents in the future. The implementation of work-site instructions and planned arrangement requires that procedures and instructions are followed, at all levels and all the staff need to be familiar with relevant procedures and instructions before start.

Environmental policy

PETROLCOMET Services Co. is committed to environmental protection and the prevention of accidental loss of resources and assets that affect our employees and PETROLCOMET Services Co. profitability by focusing on our primary environmental concerns, which consist of the appropriate use of natural resources, management of waste, land contamination, material storage, water discharges, minimizing foot print and emissions to air.

Health and Safety policy

PETROLCOMET Services Co. is committed to occupational health & safety protection for all employees and contractors by ensuring that all personnel are competent and capable in conducting safe and correct operational practices and are able to immediately stop and take timely corrective and preventive action when potentially unsafe or harmful conditions are identified.

Our senior management should, at appropriate intervals, review the HSEMS and its performance, to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness. This review should address the possible need for changes to the policy and objectives, in the light of changing circumstances and the commitment to strive for continual improvement so reviews should be used to reinforce continuous efforts to improve HSE performance. Auditing is very beneficial to us so we may suggest remedial measures to overcome problems by noting some recommendations so by review what have been audited we can evaluate the level of HSE implementation and put consequence amendments to HSE plan.